Memorandum of Understanding Between KCU and KYCU and Institute of Technology of Cambodia, Cambodia

(ITC-Phnom Penh): On October 11th 2016, Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) from Cambodia and Konyang Cyber University (KYCU) from Korea and Korea Soongsil Cyber University (KCU) from Korea have agreed to explore academic, educational, and cultural exchange programs fro the mutual benefit and development.

H.E. Dr. Om Romny, Director General of Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) and Dr. Jung Museong, Vice President of Korea Soongsil Cyber University (KCU) and Dr. Hwang Hye Jeong, Dean of Planing of Konyang Cyber University today signed a Memorandum of Understanding for implementation of the ASEAN cyber university (ACU) on behalf of their respective institutes.

The MOU signing ceremony took place in the Institute of Technology of Cambodia in the presence of

  1. H.E. Dr. Om Romny        Director General of ITC 
  2. Mr. Hean Samboeun        Director of e-Learning center of ITC
  3. Dr. LECOMTE Didier       Advisor of ITC
  4. Dr. Hwang Hye jeong       Dean of Planing, KCU
  5. Mrs. Lee Jin gyeong        Contents Development Center Director, KCU
  6. Mr. Jung Ki Jin               Team of Content Development, KYCU
  7. Mr. Kim Dong Woo          Planning Support Team, KYCU
  8. Dr. Jung Museong           Vice President
  9. Mr. Shin Jong hong         IT Professor
  10. Mr. Park Geon uk           Contents development team leader 

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