Training of Trainers of Toolkits and Sourcebooks for Work Readiness [Part 2]

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1. Objective

  • To introduce some toolkits for lecturers to improve the effectiveness in their teaching

  • To provide the practical teaching methods to apply in their teaching activities

  • To understand the innovation teaching methodologies to overcome the problems in traditional   teaching

  • To increase the efficiencies in students’ learning and understanding. ​

  • To motivate instructors to design a project oriented learning activity for their own classes

  • To introduce rubric design techniques in student assessment.

2. Venue and Date

    Date: 26th – 28th June 2017

   Venue: Building A, Room 109-A, Institute of Technology of Cambodia

3. Agenda


4. Participants

    17 participants from all department at ITC

6. Event Organizer


6. Sponsor

usaid (2)

7. Contact


    Mobile: 012 818 830


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