ITC e-Learning Center was selected by ASEAN Cyber University (ACU) project, which was first proposed at the ASEAN – South Korea Summit in 2009.


The project is expected to help establish a foundation for sharing experiencs, knowledge, and skill in higher education and long-distance education among ASEAN countries and South Korea.



Extended the e-Learning model to University of Health Sciecne, National University of Management, Royal University of Agriculture, Cambodia and cooperated with Korean Soongsil Cyber University, and Konyang Cyber University


Extended the e-Learning model to Department of Chemical Engineering and Food Technology, Geo-Resources and Geotechnical Engineering, and Industrail and Mechanical Engineering


Extended the e-Learning model to Department of Electrical and Energy Engineering and Department of Foundation year


Extended the e-Learning model to Department of Rural Engineering


Piloted two e-learning courses in Department of Information and Communication Engineering, and cooperated with Seoul Cyber University


ITC e-Learning Center was established by setting up e-Learning facilities

2009 – 2010

Joined project study with Korean Government on ASEAN Cyber University